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Minneapolis VA Hospital - Wheelchair Lifting
The James E. Wagner Cultivation Story
University of Oregon - Oregon Ducks secure storage
Target Stores - Overhead Bicycle Lifting

From Bikes to Boats...

From Bikes to Boats, We Store It All

Overhead wall mounted storage is safe, reliable and easy to use. Push a button and in moments your goods are right at your fingertips. Push the button and everything is up and out of the way. Taking inventory is easy because you see exactly where everything is. You also get built in security; it is overhead and no one can tamper with it.

Lift and Store lifts heavy objects

Some of Our Lift and Store Customers

Customer Success Stories

Athletic department storage at the U of Oregon

Lifts were installed at its $19 million Marcus Mariota Sports Performance Center, adding to its "WOW" as storage is now efficient for teams.

The "WOW" Factor at
University of Oregon


Michigan State has created a unique tradition of hanging game worn jerseys of all of its former players who have turned pro, in the equipment room, but they were running out of room ... until Lift N Store.

Michigan State: Storing Jerseys of Players Who've Gone Pro

Retail bicycle store with commercial bike lifts

Using our lifts, this firm has more than 700 assembled bikes in stock and on the floor to broaden its reach and sales.

Center Cycle: See it,
Fit it, Try it, Buy it!

Number of Customer Installed Storage Solutions



Lift and Store Lift Safety Features

Each machine is equipped with six key safety features:

  • Electric Motor Brake: Positively locks load in place at any position. Engages automatically when power is removed.
  • Momentary Switches: Operator must be engaged with machine to operate. Releasing switch positively locks machine in place.
  • Free-fall Arrestor: In the unlikely case that motor and chain drive fail, arrestor positively stops load in inches
  • Lifting Cables: Made of high strength aircraft grade steel, cables are rated to 2,500 pounds each. Melting point is over 1,600 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Safety Cables: ¼” aluminum cables are rated to 2,000 pounds each and back up lifting cables.
  • Upper Limits switches: Double fail safe upper limit prevents machine from overwinding and causing damage.

Payload Capacity: 850 pounds of active load per eight feet. Up to 72 feet per machine depending on load design.

Proud to be Built in America

Electric components for lifting heavy objects

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