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Lift and Store services will ensure you maximize your storage capability, improve safety, and reduce operating costs.


Integration Consultation

With over 27 years of experience we have helped with the design of every imaginable building integration. If you tell us what you want we will find a way to make it happen and meet your needs.

Product Manufacturing

Our products are proudly built and manufactured in the USA. We have 27 years of experience to design your system to your exact specifications. We can manufacture the product to any size or shape room at a price you can afford.



We are happy to train your operations staff or contractors on how to install our machines, or we can complete the installation for you.

Software Services

For complex operations we offer programming services to help build the integration bridge between our machines and your systems. Talk with your sales representative to find out more.


Post-Install Maintenance

Your machine is a valuable asset that can't be down. While our machines are designed to work in grueling environments for up to 20 years, there are still occasional issues that arise.


At Lift and Store we offer end to end maintenance agreements with key service level commitments at a reasonable annual rate. Talk with your sales representative to find out more.


We have a 5 year mechanical and 1 year electrical component warranty. We expect, and have experienced, machines that exceed a 15-20 year life span.



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