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Double your storage overnight without a remodel.

Why consider Overhead Bike storage?

With a push of a button the bikes come right down to your fingertips.


Keep clothing instantly available as well as safe and secure.

Store clothing overhead.

Storing clothing consumes floor space fast. Your empty air space is valuable storage.


Every day you pay for empty open area. Use it for storage.

Why consider Overhead Box storage?

Overhead lifts are easily bolted into your ceilings and your aisles stay open and clear.

Security Cages

Secure overhead Rolling Security Cage storage makes sense.

Why consider Overhead Box storage?

You want your inventory easy to see, easy to count and easy to control.


Add/remove boats in seconds, while doubling your storage.

Why consider Overhead Bike storage?

Your boats come right to your finger tips with a push of the button.


Simple, reliable and remarkably strong tire storage for your shop.

What can Overhead Tire storage do for your shop?

Storing tires consumes a lot of floor space. You want that space for working on cars.


The right lighting is imperative to optimizing cannabis crops.

Movable Cannabis Lighting

Automated, adjustable lighting allows for the ideal distance from the canopy at all times


Storing your wheelchairs consumes valuable floor space fast.

Store wheelchairs conveniently

Open wall space and ceiling area could become very valuable to you overnight.

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