Why store clothes overhead?

Seven benefits of overhead clothing storage:

  • Storing clothing consumes floor space fast. The empty air space you are paying for can suddenly become very valuable storage.
  • Clothes are safe and secure, free from wrinkles, dirt, damage and theft.
  • Ladder climbing invites trouble with dropped clothing and injuries.
  • Items are easy to see and count which makes inventory a breeze.
  • Aisles stay open and clear.
  • Double your storage overnight without a remodel or even moving your shelving.

How does overhead retail garment storage work?

  • With a push of a button your clothes come right to your finger tips. Loading and unloading is easy because hangers are at eye level.
  • Push the button and and they are up and out of the way.
  • You can have lifts that mount to your wall or lifts that mount to your ceiling.

What is an overhead lift?

  • The overhead lift, the LiftNStore®, bolts into your ceiling and the hang bar lowers right down to eye level.
  • The lift is a modular design and comes in eight foot sections, which makes it easy for you to get the optimal machine for your area.
  • Up to five sections can be bolted together to make a lift that is 40 feet long.
  • Each section supports a hang bar that is eight feet long.
    • You can have a single hang bar that comes down, which is excellent for narrow aisles.
    • You can have the ‘over-under’ setup which is two hang bars, one below the other, and this doubles your storage with a single machine.
    • You can also have the ‘T bar’ setup where a spreader bar holds hang bars side by side.
    • You can have a combo of the ‘T bar’ along with the ‘over-under’ setup. This will hold a LOT of clothes in a minimum amount of space.

What is a wall mounted lift?

  • The TiltNStore® bolts directly onto your open wall space above your existing shelving.
  • These lifts have a payload of 250 pounds each and it is common to mount several in a row.
  • Every TiltNStore® Lift comes assembled and ready for immediate mounting.
  • You get a tax benefit because a lift is an ‘electric appliance’, not a ‘building improvement’.
  • Every lift is made with pride in the United States of America and satisfaction is guaranteed.