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Secure overhead Rolling Security Cage storage makes sense on many levels:

  1. Electronics, jewelery and other small expensive inventory is important to keep safe.
  2. On the sales floor they are kept under lock and key, how safe are they in the back room?
  3. You want your inventory easy to see, easy to count and easy to control.
  4. It is easy to get high end items out of storage and onto the sales floor quickly, safely and easily.
  5. You do not need to invest in exotic security systems, this is a simple solution to a simple problem.
  6. When the cart is overhead nothing can get dropped, crushed, touched, moved, stolen, modified or damaged.
  7. Every month you are paying for dead open air space. Flip that unused space and have it suddenly become very valuable.

How does Rolling Security Cage work?

  1. The overhead lift mounts into your ceiling so there is no need for a remodel. You don't even have to move your existing shelving.
  2. Push the keyed button and the Security Cart comes right down to you.
  3. Unlatch the cart and roll it onto the sales floor.
  4. Unlock the steel mesh doors for easy loading and unloading. You can also roll the cart to the delivery trucks for direct loading.
  5. Roll back to the lift, lock the cage doors and reattach it to the lift.
  6. Push the keyed button and up it goes.
  7. When the lift is up you can relax knowing your inventory is safe and secure because no one can tamper with it.
  8. Your aisles stay open and clear.

Other Key Points:

  • The Security Cart itself is a welded steel cage that has lockable doors with adjustable shelves and smooth rolling wheels.
  • Because the LiftNStore® Overhead Security Cart is an 'electric appliance' not a 'building improvement', you enjoy a nice tax break.
  • Every Security Cages USA of LiftNStore® Lift is made with pride in the United States of America.
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed. With more than 3,300 successful installations over the last 20 years, LiftNStore® Overhead Lifts have become the gold standard.

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